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Global Permanent Hair Dye Market Report By Type/Product (PPDA Based Hair Dye, PTD Based Hair Dye, Other), By Application/End User (Home Use, Commercial Use) And By Regions - Industry Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Estimation and Forecast, 2021-2028

March 2022
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The global demand for Permanent Hair Dye Market is presumed to reach the market size of nearly USD XX MN by 2028 from USD XX MN in 2021 with a CAGR of XX% under the study period 2022 - 2028.

Permanent hair coloring is the most long-lasting solution for hair color. Permanent hair dye alters both the hair's color and structure and is the best and longest-lasting grey coverage solution of all hair colors. Before using permanent hair dye, it must be blended with a developer and activator. Permanent hair dye can be used to lighten, darken, add to, or change hair tone. This hair dye opens the hair shaft to allow artificial pigment to be added to the hair cuticle, permanently altering the color composition of your hair. Permanent hair dye is applied to the roots and can be reapplied every four to eight weeks, depending on the hair growth. The permanent hair dye, which contains keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract, is a durable option that colors and nourishes the hair. It is a fantastic hair dye option if people attempt to cover greys, keep the natural color, or change the hair color to a new shade that's either darker or up to two levels lighter. The ammonia-free multi-dimensional solutions are meant to bring out the hair's natural shine, allowing individual to show off the gold, copper, mahogany, or ash tones. The permanent hair dye completely covers grey hair and lasts far longer than semi-permanent hair dye. Mostly Permanent hair dye is free of harsh chemicals like ammonia and is formulated with natural, nourishing elements that keep the hair looking healthy.

The research report covers Porter’s Five Forces Model, Market Attractiveness Analysis, and Value Chain analysis. These tools help to get a clear picture of the industry’s structure and evaluate the competition attractiveness at a global level. Additionally, these tools also give an inclusive assessment of each segment in the global market of permanent hair dye. The growth and trends of permanent hair dye industry provide a holistic approach to this study. 

Market Segmentation

This section of the permanent hair dye market report provides detailed data on the segments at country and regional level, thereby assisting the strategist in identifying the target demographics for the respective product or services with the upcoming opportunities. 

By Type/Product
  • PPDA Based Hair Dye
  • PTD Based Hair Dye
  • Other

By Application/End User
  • Home Use
  • Commercial Use

Regional Analysis

This section covers the regional outlook, which accentuates current and future demand for the Permanent Hair Dye market across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Further, the report focuses on demand, estimation, and forecast for individual application segments across all the prominent regions.

Global Permanent Hair Dye Market Share by Region (Representative Graph)

Global Permanent Hair Dye Market Share
The research report also covers the comprehensive profiles of the key players in the market and an in-depth view of the competitive landscape worldwide. The major players in the permanent hair dye market include L'Oreal Paris, Garnier, Henkel, Liese, Goldwell, Clairol, Wella, HOYU, Shiseido, Garnier, Godrej Consumer Products, Kao Corporation, Avon Products. This section consists of a holistic view of the competitive landscape that includes various strategic developments such as key mergers & acquisitions, future capacities, partnerships, financial overviews, collaborations, new product developments, new product launches, and other developments.


This market research report has been produced by gathering information based on primary and secondary research. Secondary research has been done using various sources, including (but not limited to) Company Websites, Paid Data Sources, Technical Journals, Financial Reports, SEC Filings, and other different industry publications. Additionally, our team conducts extensive primary research with key industry participants to gather first-hand data. The data is then analyzed and validated by industry experts.

In case you have any custom requirements, do write to us. Our research team can offer a customized report as per your need.

       1.1. Report Description
           1.1.1. Objective
           1.1.2. Target Audience
           1.1.3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & offerings
       1.2. Research Scope
       1.3. Research Methodology
           1.3.1. Market Research Process
           1.3.2. Market Research Methodology
       2.1. Highlights of Market
       2.2. Global Market Snapshot
       3.1. Introduction - Market Dynamics
       3.2. Market Drivers
       3.3. Market Restraints
       3.4. Opportunities
       3.5. Industry Trends
       3.6. Porter’s Five Force Analysis
       3.7. Market Attractiveness Analysis
           3.7.1 Market Attractiveness Analysis By Type
           3.7.2 Market Attractiveness Analysis By Application
           3.7.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis By Region
       4.1. Value Chain Analysis
       4.2. Raw Material Analysis
           4.2.1. List of Raw Materials
           4.2.2. Raw Material Manufactures List
           4.2.3. Price Trend of Key Raw Materials
       4.3. List of Potential Buyers
       4.4. Marketing Channel
           4.4.1. Direct Marketing
           4.4.2. Indirect Marketing
           4.4.3. Marketing Channel Development Trend
       5.1. Impact Analysis of Covid-19 Outbreak
           5.1.1. Direct Impact on Production
           5.1.2. Supply Chain and Market Disruption
           5.1.3. Financial Impact on Firms and Financial Markets
       5.2. COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Production, Import, Export and Demand
       5.3. Market: Pre V/S Post COVID-19
       5.4. Estimated Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic
       5.5. COVID-19: Micro and Macro Factor Analysis
       6.1 Overview by Type
       6.2 Historical and Forecast Data
       6.3 Analysis by Type
       6.4 PPDA Based Hair Dye Historic and Forecast Sales by Regions
       6.6 PTD Based Hair Dye Historic and Forecast Sales by Regions
       6.5 Other Historic and Forecast Sales by Regions
       7.1 Overview by Application
       7.2 Historical and Forecast Data
       7.3 Analysis by Application
       7.4 Home Use Historic and Forecast Sales by Regions
       7.5 Commercial Use Historic and Forecast Sales by Regions
       8.1. Regional Outlook
       8.2. Introduction
       8.3. North America Sales Analysis
           8.3.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Sales Analysis
           8.3.2. North America By Segment Sales Analysis
           8.3.3. North America By Country Sales Analysis
           8.3.4. United State Sales Analysis
           8.3.5. Canada Sales Analysis
           8.3.6. Mexico Sales Analysis
       8.4. Europe Sales Analysis
           8.4.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Sales Analysis
           8.4.2. Europe by Segment Sales Analysis
           8.4.3. Europe by Country Sales Analysis
           8.4.4. United Kingdom Sales Analysis
           8.4.5. France Sales Analysis
           8.4.6. Germany Sales Analysis
           8.4.7. Italy Sales Analysis
           8.4.8. Russia Sales Analysis
           8.4.9. Rest Of Europe Sales Analysis
       8.5. Asia Pacific Sales Analysis
           8.5.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Sales Analysis
           8.5.2. Asia Pacific by Segment Sales Analysis
           8.5.3. Asia Pacific by Country Sales Analysis
           8.5.4. China Sales Analysis
           8.5.5. India Sales Analysis
           8.5.6. Japan Sales Analysis
           8.5.7. South Korea Sales Analysis
           8.5.8. Australia Sales Analysis
           8.5.9. Rest Of Asia Pacific Sales Analysis
       8.6. Latin America Sales Analysis
           8.6.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Sales Analysis
           8.6.2. Latin America by Segment Sales Analysis
           8.6.3. Latin America by Country Sales Analysis
           8.6.4. Brazil Sales Analysis
           8.6.5. Argentina Sales Analysis
           8.6.6. Peru Sales Analysis
           8.6.7. Chile Sales Analysis
           8.6.8. Rest of Latin America Sales Analysis
       8.7. Middle East & Africa Sales Analysis
           8.7.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Sales Analysis
           8.7.2. Middle East & Africa by Segment Sales Analysis
           8.7.3. Middle East & Africa by Country Sales Analysis
           8.7.4. Saudi Arabia Sales Analysis
           8.7.5. UAE Sales Analysis
           8.7.6. Israel Sales Analysis
           8.7.7. South Africa Sales Analysis
           8.7.8. Rest Of Middle East And Africa Sales Analysis
       9.1. Permanent Hair Dye Market Competition
       9.2. Partnership/Collaboration/Agreement
       9.3. Merger And Acquisitions
       9.4. New Product Launch
       9.5. Other Developments
       10.1. Top Companies Market Share Analysis
       10.2. Market Concentration Rate
       10.3. L'Oreal Paris
           10.3.1. Company Overview
           10.3.2. Company Revenue
           10.3.3. Products
           10.3.4. Recent Developments
       10.4. Garnier
           10.4.1. Company Overview
           10.4.2. Company Revenue
           10.4.3. Products
           10.4.4. Recent Developments
       10.5. Henkel
           10.5.1. Company Overview
           10.5.2. Company Revenue
           10.5.3. Products
           10.5.4. Recent Developments
       10.6. Liese
           10.6.1. Company Overview
           10.6.2. Company Revenue
           10.6.3. Products
           10.6.4. Recent Developments
       10.7. Goldwell
           10.7.1. Company Overview
           10.7.2. Company Revenue
           10.7.3. Products
           10.7.4. Recent Developments
       10.8. Clairol
           10.8.1. Company Overview
           10.8.2. Company Revenue
           10.8.3. Products
           10.8.4. Recent Developments
       10.9. Wella
           10.9.1. Company Overview
           10.9.2. Company Revenue
           10.9.3. Products
           10.9.4. Recent Developments
       10.10. HOYU
           10.10.1. Company Overview
           10.10.2. Company Revenue
           10.10.3. Products
           10.10.4. Recent Developments
       10.11. Shiseido
           10.11.1. Company Overview
           10.11.2. Company Revenue
           10.11.3. Products
           10.11.4. Recent Developments
       10.12. Garnier
           10.12.1. Company Overview
           10.12.2. Company Revenue
           10.12.3. Products
           10.12.4. Recent Developments
       10.13. Godrej Consumer Products
           10.13.1. Company Overview
           10.13.2. Company Revenue
           10.13.3. Products
           10.13.4. Recent Developments
       10.14. Kao Corporation
           10.14.1. Company Overview
           10.14.2. Company Revenue
           10.14.3. Products
           10.14.4. Recent Developments
       10.15. Avon Products
           10.15.1. Company Overview
           10.15.2. Company Revenue
           10.15.3. Products
           10.15.4. Recent Developments
 *Note - in company profiling, financial details and recent development are subject to availability or might not be covered in case of private companies

  • Market Snapshot
  • Drivers : Impact Analysis
  • Restraints : Impact Analysis
  • List of Raw Material
  • List of Raw Material Manufactures
  • List of Potential Buyers
  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Production, Import, Export and Demand
  • Pre V/S Post COVID-19
  • Estimated Impact Of The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Epidemic
  • COVID-19: Micro and Macro Factor Analysis
  • Analysis by Type (USD MN)
  • PPDA Based Hair Dye Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • PTD Based Hair Dye Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Other Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Analysis Market by Application (USD MN)
  • Home Use Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Commercial Use Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Global Permanent Hair Dye Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • North America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • United State Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Canada Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Mexico Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Europe Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Europe Market Estimate by Country (USD MN)
  • United Kingdom Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • France Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Germany Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Italy Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Russia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Spain Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Europe Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Asia Pacific Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • China Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Japan Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • India Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • South Korea Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Australia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Asia Pacific Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Latin America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Brazil Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Argentina Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Peru Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Chile Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Latin America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Middle East & Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Saudi Arabia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • UAE Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Israel Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • South Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Middle East and Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Partnership/Collaboration/Agreement
  • Mergers And Acquisition
  • Research Scope of Permanent Hair Dye Report
  • Market Research Process
  • Market Research Methodology
  • Global Permanent Hair Dye Market Size, by Region (USD MN)
  • Porters Five Forces Analysis
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis by Type
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis by Application
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis by Region
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Global Market Analysis Type (USD MN)
  • PPDA Based Hair Dye Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • PTD Based Hair Dye Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Other Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Global Market Analysis by Application (USD MN)
  • Home Use Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Commercial Use Market Sales by Geography (USD MN)
  • Global Market by Revenue
  • North America Market by Revenue
  • Europe Market by Revenue
  • Asia Pacific Market by Revenue
  • Latin America Market by Revenue
  • Middle East & Africa Market by Revenue
  • Recent Development in Industry
  • Top Companies Market Share Analysis
* Kindly note that the above listed are the basic tables and figures of the report and are not limited to the TOC.

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Objectives of Study

  • Define and measure the global market
  • Volume or revenue forecast of the global market and its various sub-segments with respect to main geographies
  • Analyze and identify major market trends along with the factors driving or inhibiting the market growth
  • Study the company profiles of the major market players with their market share
  • Analyze competitive developments

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