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Global Parenteral Nutrition Market Report By Nutrient Type (Carbohydrates, Lipid Emulsion, Single Dose Amino Acid Solution, Trace Elements, Vitamins & Minerals) And By Regions - Industry Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Estimation and Forecast, 2021-2028

April 2021
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Global Parenteral Nutrition Market Overview

The key driver impacting the parenteral nutrition market is the growing prevalence of malnourished children across the globe. For instance, According to the UNICEF 2018 report, Globally, One in three reproductive-age women are anemic, and over 39% of the world’s adults are obese or overweight. Every year approximately 20 million babies globally are born underweight. It is estimated that malnutrition in all its forms can cost the country around US$3.5 trillion every year, with obesity and overweight alone cost US$500 billion per year. Moreover, the growing premature birth cases are also estimated to be a key determinant that adds growth to the market.
According to Value Market Research, the global parenteral nutrition market was valued at around USD 5.5 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of about 9.3% to reach approximately USD 8.23 billion in 2026.

In addition to this, the expanding incidence of cancer and other chronic diseases, which needs administration of vital nutrients to augment energy, hydration, and strength of cancer patients, is anticipated to increase the parenteral nutrition market demand under the forecast period. For instance, According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), around one in three adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions (MCCs). By the WHO report, chronic disease comprises 60% of the global burden of disease by 2020. Globally, cancer is the second leading cause of death and accounts for 6 million deaths in 2018. There are 1 in 6 deaths that occurred due to cancer.

Global Parenteral Nutrition Market Share

 However, the high risk of infection may hamper the global parenteral nutrition industry in the long run. The rising demand for enteral nutrition is likely to impact market growth negatively. The current industry trend, such as the increasing approvals to novel parenteral nutrition components, is expected to create new market opportunities for the key players in the coming years. 
The parenteral nutrition market is vast, with a large number of local and global players. The key leaders follow various strategies to improve their market position, such as mergers, acquisitions, expansions, and improved quality products at the best prices to enhance their market share across the world. For instance, in 2016, Baxter International expanded its customer base to U.K and Denmark as it received marketing authorization for its newly launched product NUMETA G13E from the capable authorities in Denmark and U.K. Similarly, in 2018, Fresenius Kabi AG had launched mofKabiven extra Nitrogen in Europe. It is a three-chamber bag with a special protein-energy ratio. The dominating key players included in the report are Baxter International Inc., Grifols International S.A., Actavis Inc., B. Braun Melsungen AG, Fresenius Kabi AG, and Hospira Inc, and others have always been the initial targets of parenteral nutrition companies and many others.
In this market research report, the market is segmented by nutrient type, and region.

Analysis by Nutrient Type:
By nutrient type, the report is categorized into Lipid Emulsion, Carbohydrates, Trace Element, Single Dose Amino Acid Solution, and Vitamins & Minerals. Single-dose amino acid solutions dominate the nutrition type segment in 2019 with a maximum market share in terms of revenue. The rise in the influx of regulatory approved solutions leads to more demand for single-dose amino acid solutions. Moreover, recently available amino acids solutions have fewer side effects, thus providing more benefits to patients.

Analysis by Region
In the regional outlook of the global parenteral nutrition market, the North American region dominates with a maximum market share of 30% in terms of revenue. It is anticipated to show huge growth in the forecast period due to the rising occurrence of several chronic diseases and the presence of advanced healthcare facilities. In addition to that, high research expenditure by government agencies and encouraging reimbursement policies led to rising hospital admittance in the region.

APAC market is likely to expand at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the rapid economic development in nations such as India and China, along with favorable government schemes and programs related to the healthcare infrastructure up gradations across the region. Moreover, growing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the healthcare and medical devices sectors by various government and private organizations contributes to the growth of the parenteral nutrition market in APAC.

Market Segmentation covered in the Report:
By Nutrient Type 
  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipid Emulsion
  • Single Dose Amino Acid Solution
  • Trace Elements
  • Vitamins & Minerals

By Region
  • North America
  • Europe
  • the Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • The Middle East and Africa
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       1.1. Report Description
           1.1.1. Objective
           1.1.2. Target Audience
           1.1.3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & offerings
       1.2. Research Scope
       1.3. Research Methodology
           1.3.1. Market Research Process
           1.3.2. Market Research Methodology
       2.1. Highlights of Market
       2.2. Global Market Snapshot
       3.1. Introduction - Market Dynamics
       3.2. Market Drivers
       3.3. Market Restraints
       3.4. Opportunities
       3.5. Industry Trends
       3.6. Porter’s Five Force Analysis
       3.7. Market Attractiveness Analysis
           3.7.1 By Nutrient Type
           3.7.2 By Region
       4.1. Value Chain Analysis
       4.2. Raw Material Analysis
           4.2.1. List of Raw Materials
           4.2.2. Raw Material Manufactures List
           4.2.3. Price Trend of Key Raw Materials
       4.3. List of Potential Buyers
       4.4. Marketing Channel
           4.4.1. Direct Marketing
           4.4.2. Indirect Marketing
           4.4.3. Marketing Channel Development Trend
       5.1. Impact Analysis of Covid-19 Outbreak
           5.1.1. Direct Impact on Production
           5.1.2. Supply Chain and Market Disruption
           5.1.3. Financial Impact on Firms and Financial Markets
       5.2. COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Production, Import, Export and Demand
       5.3. Market: Pre V/S Post COVID-19
       5.4. Estimated Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic
       5.5. COVID-19: Micro and Macro Factor Analysis
       6.1 Overview by Nutrient Type
       6.2 Historical and Forecast Data
       6.3 Analysis by Nutrient Type
       6.4 Carbohydrates Market by Regions
       6.6 Lipid Emulsion Market by Regions
       6.5 Single Dose Amino Acid Solution Market by Regions
       6.7 Trace Elements Market by Regions
       6.8 Vitamins & Minerals Market by Regions
       7.1. Regional Outlook
       7.2. Introduction
       7.3. North America
           7.3.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           7.3.2. North America By Segment
           7.3.3. North America By Country
           7.3.4. United State
           7.3.5. Canada
           7.3.6. Mexico
       7.4. Europe
           7.4.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           7.4.2. Europe by Segment
           7.4.3. Europe by Country
           7.4.4. United Kingdom
           7.4.5. France
           7.4.6. Germany
           7.4.7. Italy
           7.4.8. Russia
           7.4.9. Rest Of Europe
       7.5. Asia Pacific
           7.5.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           7.5.2. Asia Pacific by Segment
           7.5.3. Asia Pacific by Country
           7.5.4. China
           7.5.5. India
           7.5.6. Japan
           7.5.7. South Korea
           7.5.8. Australia
           7.5.9. Rest Of Asia Pacific
       7.6. Latin America
           7.6.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           7.6.2. Latin America by Segment
           7.6.3. Latin America by Country
           7.6.4. Brazil
           7.6.5. Argentina
           7.6.6. Peru
           7.6.7. Chile
           7.6.8. Rest of Latin America
       7.7. Middle East & Africa
           7.7.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           7.7.2. Middle East & Africa by Segment
           7.7.3. Middle East & Africa by Country
           7.7.4. Saudi Arabia
           7.7.5. UAE
           7.7.6. Israel
           7.7.7. South Africa
           7.7.8. Rest Of Middle East And Africa
       8.1. Parenteral Nutrition Market Competition
       8.2. Partnership/Collaboration/Agreement
       8.3. Merger And Acquisitions
       8.4. New Product Launch
       8.5. Other Developments
       9.1. Company Share Analysis
       9.2. Market Concentration Rate
       9.3. Baxter International Inc.
           9.3.1. Company Overview
           9.3.2. Financials
           9.3.3. Products
           9.3.4. Recent Developments
       9.4. Grifols International S.A.
           9.4.1. Company Overview
           9.4.2. Financials
           9.4.3. Products
           9.4.4. Recent Developments
       9.5. Actavis Inc.
           9.5.1. Company Overview
           9.5.2. Financials
           9.5.3. Products
           9.5.4. Recent Developments
       9.6. B. Braun Melsungen AG
           9.6.1. Company Overview
           9.6.2. Financials
           9.6.3. Products
           9.6.4. Recent Developments
       9.7. Fresenius Kabi AG
           9.7.1. Company Overview
           9.7.2. Financials
           9.7.3. Products
           9.7.4. Recent Developments
       9.8. Hospira Inc
           9.8.1. Company Overview
           9.8.2. Financials
           9.8.3. Products
           9.8.4. Recent Developments
 *Note - in company profiling, financial details and recent development are subject to availability or might not be covered in case of private companies

  •  Market Snapshot
  •  Drivers : Impact Analysis
  •  Restraints : Impact Analysis
  •  List of Raw Material
  •  List of Raw Material Manufactures
  •  List of Potential Buyers
  •  COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Production, Import, Export and Demand
  •  Pre V/S Post COVID-19
  •  Estimated Impact Of The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Epidemic
  •  COVID-19: Micro and Macro Factor Analysis
  •  Analysis by Nutrient Type  (USD MN)
  •  Carbohydrates Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Lipid Emulsion Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Single Dose Amino Acid Solution Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Trace Elements Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Vitamins & Minerals Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Global Parenteral Nutrition Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  North America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  United State Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Canada Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Mexico Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Europe Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Europe Market Estimate by Country (USD MN)
  •  United Kingdom Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  France Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Germany Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Italy Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Russia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Spain Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Rest of Europe Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Asia Pacific Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  China Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Japan Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  India Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  South Korea Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Australia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Rest of Asia Pacific Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Latin America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Brazil Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Argentina Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Peru Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Chile Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Rest of Latin America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Middle East & Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Saudi Arabia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  UAE Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Israel Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  South Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Rest of Middle East and Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  •  Partnership/Collaboration/Agreement
  •  Mergers And Acquisiton
  •  Research Scope of Parenteral Nutrition Report
  •  Market Research Process
  •  Market Research Methodology
  •  Global Parenteral Nutrition Market Size, by Region (USD MN)
  •  Porters Five Forces Analysis
  •  Market Attractiveness Analysis by Nutrient Type
  •  Market Attractiveness Analysis by Region
  •  Value Chain Analysis
  •  Global Market Analysis by Nutrient Type  (USD MN)
  •  Carbohydrates Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Lipid Emulsion Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Single Dose Amino Acid Solution Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Trace Elements Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Vitamins & Minerals Market by Geography (USD MN)
  •  Global Market by Revenue
  •  North America Market by Revenue
  •  Europe Market by Revenue
  •  Asia Pacific Market by Revenue
  •  Latin America Market by Revenue
  •  Middle East & Africa Market by Revenue
  •  Recent Development in Industry
  •  Company Market Share Analysis
 * Kindly note that the above listed are the basic tables and figures of the report and are not limited to the TOC.

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Objectives of Study

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  • Study the company profiles of the major market players with their market share
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