Global Mobile Medical Apps Market Report By Service (Medical Monitoring, Nutrition & Fitness, Diagnostic Treatment, Other Services) By Application (Nursing Tools, Drug References, Study Tools (includes games and flashcards), Medical Reference, Clinical Support Systems) And By Regions - Industry Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Estimation and Forecast, 2020-2027

August 2021
Report Formats:
Global Mobile Medical Apps Market Overview 
The key drivers impacting the Mobile medical apps market are the surging adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile platforms. For instance, the economics help organization reveals from zero sales at the commencement of 2010, the tablet market expanded to100 million units per annum by the end of 2013. It is predicted that tablet sales had recorded sales around 200 million per annum by the year 2016. Similarly, according to the Pew Research center report estimations, in 2019, over 5 billion people had mobile devices globally, in which half of these connections were smartphones. Moreover, the convergence of several favorable trends, such as integrating healthcare apps and devices, contributes to mobile medical apps market demand in the later years. 
According to Value Market Research, the global Mobile medical apps market size was valued at USD 4250 million in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of about 25% during the forecast period 2021 to 2027

The growing promotion of mHealth applications due to their benefits in improving patient lifestyle and treatment will likely augment the need for Mobile medical apps in the forecast period. Also, the robust adoption of 3G and 4G networks in healthcare services positively impact market growth. However, the lack of proper standards and regulations hamper the market in the long run. In addition, the low guidance from physicians in choosing apps impedes the market growth. Nevertheless, the market trends, such as the growing popularity of patient-centric healthcare delivery and increasing preference for mobile apps by patients, healthcare professionals, and other consumers, might provide considerable opportunities to the market's leading players. 
The Mobile medical apps market is widespread, with many local and international players. The market leaders follow diverse strategies to strengthen their market, such as amalgamation, extending product portfolio, acquisitions, contracts, product upgrades to raise their market share globally. The key players in the report are Medtronic, CISCO SYSTEMS INC., OMRON Corporation, AT&T Intellectual Property, AirStrip Technologies, Apple Inc., Nokia, Johnson & Johnson Services Inc., AliveCor Inc., Cerner Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., iHealth Labs Inc., AgaMatrix, BioTelemetry Inc., athenahealth Inc., Nike Inc., Boston Scientific Corporation, Abbott, Fitbit Inc. and SkinVision, OpenXcell, DXC Technology Company, and Algoworks.

Global Mobile Medical Apps Market Share
In this research report, the Mobile medical apps market is segmented by service, application, and region. 

Analysis by Service: 
By service, the report is divided into medical monitoring, nutrition & fitness, diagnostic treatment, and other services. The nutrition and fitness segment dominates with a significant market share of 27.5% in 2020. It is massive adoption of high and growing penetration of smartphones and healthcare apps. Moreover, the rising lifestyle-related disorders lead to increasing focus of consumers globally towards nutrition and fitness, thereby contributes to the growth of the nutrition & fitness segment in the forecast period.

Analysis by Application:  
By application, the report is divided into nursing tools, drug references, study tools (includes games and flashcards), medical references, and clinical support systems. The medical reference segment dominates the application segment with the highest market share of 15% in 2020. It allows physicians to stay up-to-date in the medical world, which leads to increased demand among healthcare professionals, which contributes to the medical reference segment growth.

Analysis by Region: 
In the regional outlook of the global Mobile medical apps market, the North America region dominates with the largest market share of 30% in 2020. It is due to the significant number of health care professionals who use mobile phone medical applications in everyday business activities. Moreover, the Popularity of medical apps is low compared to other mobile phone apps, and the rising preference for medical apps for patient health monitoring across U.S and Canada is contributing to the huge market growth across North America.
Market Segmentation covered in the Report:

By Service
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Diagnostic Treatment
  • Other Services

By Application
  • Nursing Tools
  • Drug References
  • Study Tools (includes games and flashcards)
  • Medical Reference
  • Clinical Support Systems
By Region
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa


This market research report has been produced by gathering information on the basis of primary and secondary research. Secondary research has been done by using various sources which include (but not limited to) Company Websites, Paid Data Sources, Technical Journals, Financial Reports, SEC Filings, and other different industry publications. 

If specific information is required which is not currently within the scope of the report, it can be provided as a part of customization.                           

       1.1. Report Description
           1.1.1. Objective
           1.1.2. Target Audience
           1.1.3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & offerings
       1.2. Research Scope
       1.3. Research Methodology
           1.3.1. Market Research Process
           1.3.2. Market Research Methodology
       2.1. Highlights of Market
       2.2. Global Market Snapshot
       3.1. Introduction - Market Dynamics
       3.2. Market Drivers
       3.3. Market Restraints
       3.4. Opportunities
       3.5. Industry Trends
       3.6. Porter’s Five Force Analysis
       3.7. Market Attractiveness Analysis
           3.7.1 By Service
           3.7.2 By Application
           3.7.3 By Region
       4.1. Value Chain Analysis
       4.2. Raw Material Analysis
           4.2.1. List of Raw Materials
           4.2.2. Raw Material Manufactures List
           4.2.3. Price Trend of Key Raw Materials
       4.3. List of Potential Buyers
       4.4. Marketing Channel
           4.4.1. Direct Marketing
           4.4.2. Indirect Marketing
           4.4.3. Marketing Channel Development Trend
       5.1. Impact Analysis of Covid-19 Outbreak
           5.1.1. Direct Impact on Production
           5.1.2. Supply Chain and Market Disruption
           5.1.3. Financial Impact on Firms and Financial Markets
       5.2. COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Production, Import, Export and Demand
       5.3. Market: Pre V/S Post COVID-19
       5.4. Estimated Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic
       5.5. COVID-19: Micro and Macro Factor Analysis
       6.1 Overview by Service
       6.2 Historical and Forecast Data
       6.3 Analysis by Service
       6.4 Medical Monitoring Market by Regions
       6.6 Nutrition & Fitness Market by Regions
       6.5 Diagnostic Treatment Market by Regions
       6.7 Other Services Market by Regions
       7.1 Overview by Application
       7.2 Historical and Forecast Data
       7.3 Analysis by Application
       7.4 Nursing Tools Market by Regions
       7.5 Drug References Market by Regions
       7.6 Study Tools Market by Regions
       7.7 Medical Reference Market by Regions
       7.8 Clinical Support Systems Market by Regions
       8.1. Regional Outlook
       8.2. Introduction
       8.3. North America
           8.3.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           8.3.2. North America By Segment
           8.3.3. North America By Country
           8.3.4. United State
           8.3.5. Canada
           8.3.6. Mexico
       8.4. Europe
           8.4.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           8.4.2. Europe by Segment
           8.4.3. Europe by Country
           8.4.4. United Kingdom
           8.4.5. France
           8.4.6. Germany
           8.4.7. Italy
           8.4.8. Russia
           8.4.9. Rest Of Europe
       8.5. Asia Pacific
           8.5.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           8.5.2. Asia Pacific by Segment
           8.5.3. Asia Pacific by Country
           8.5.4. China
           8.5.5. India
           8.5.6. Japan
           8.5.7. South Korea
           8.5.8. Australia
           8.5.9. Rest Of Asia Pacific
       8.6. Latin America
           8.6.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           8.6.2. Latin America by Segment
           8.6.3. Latin America by Country
           8.6.4. Brazil
           8.6.5. Argentina
           8.6.6. Peru
           8.6.7. Chile
           8.6.8. Rest of Latin America
       8.7. Middle East & Africa
           8.7.1. Overview, Historic and Forecast Data
           8.7.2. Middle East & Africa by Segment
           8.7.3. Middle East & Africa by Country
           8.7.4. Saudi Arabia
           8.7.5. UAE
           8.7.6. Israel
           8.7.7. South Africa
           8.7.8. Rest Of Middle East And Africa
       9.1. Mobile Medical Apps Market Competition
       9.2. Partnership/Collaboration/Agreement
       9.3. Merger And Acquisitions
       9.4. New Product Launch
       9.5. Other Developments
       10.1. Company Share Analysis
       10.2. Market Concentration Rate
       10.3. Medtronic
           10.3.1. Company Overview
           10.3.2. Financials
           10.3.3. Products
           10.3.4. Recent Developments
       10.4. CISCO SYSTEMS INC.
           10.4.1. Company Overview
           10.4.2. Financials
           10.4.3. Products
           10.4.4. Recent Developments
       10.5. OMRON Corporation
           10.5.1. Company Overview
           10.5.2. Financials
           10.5.3. Products
           10.5.4. Recent Developments
       10.6. AT&T Intellectual Property
           10.6.1. Company Overview
           10.6.2. Financials
           10.6.3. Products
           10.6.4. Recent Developments
       10.7. AirStrip Technologies
           10.7.1. Company Overview
           10.7.2. Financials
           10.7.3. Products
           10.7.4. Recent Developments
       10.8. Apple Inc.
           10.8.1. Company Overview
           10.8.2. Financials
           10.8.3. Products
           10.8.4. Recent Developments
       10.9. Nokia
           10.9.1. Company Overview
           10.9.2. Financials
           10.9.3. Products
           10.9.4. Recent Developments
       10.10. Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.
           10.10.1. Company Overview
           10.10.2. Financials
           10.10.3. Products
           10.10.4. Recent Developments
       10.11. AliveCor Inc.
           10.11.1. Company Overview
           10.11.2. Financials
           10.11.3. Products
           10.11.4. Recent Developments
       10.12. Cerner Corporation
           10.12.1. Company Overview
           10.12.2. Financials
           10.12.3. Products
           10.12.4. Recent Developments
       10.13. Koninklijke Philips N.V.
           10.13.1. Company Overview
           10.13.2. Financials
           10.13.3. Products
           10.13.4. Recent Developments
       10.14. iHealth Labs Inc.
           10.14.1. Company Overview
           10.14.2. Financials
           10.14.3. Products
           10.14.4. Recent Developments
       10.15. AgaMatrix
           10.15.1. Company Overview
           10.15.2. Financials
           10.15.3. Products
           10.15.4. Recent Developments
       10.16. BioTelemetry Inc.
           10.16.1. Company Overview
           10.16.2. Financials
           10.16.3. Products
           10.16.4. Recent Developments
       10.17. athenahealth Inc.
           10.17.1. Company Overview
           10.17.2. Financials
           10.17.3. Products
           10.17.4. Recent Developments
       10.18. Nike Inc.
           10.18.1. Company Overview
           10.18.2. Financials
           10.18.3. Products
           10.18.4. Recent Developments
       10.19. Boston Scientific Corporation
           10.19.1. Company Overview
           10.19.2. Financials
           10.19.3. Products
           10.19.4. Recent Developments
       10.20. Abbott
           10.20.1. Company Overview
           10.20.2. Financials
           10.20.3. Products
           10.20.4. Recent Developments
       10.21. Fitbit Inc.
           10.21.1. Company Overview
           10.21.2. Financials
           10.21.3. Products
           10.21.4. Recent Developments
       10.22. SkinVision
           10.22.1. Company Overview
           10.22.2. Financials
           10.22.3. Products
           10.22.4. Recent Developments
       10.23. OpenXcell
           10.23.1. Company Overview
           10.23.2. Financials
           10.23.3. Products
           10.23.4. Recent Developments
       10.24. DXC Technology Company
           10.24.1. Company Overview
           10.24.2. Financials
           10.24.3. Products
           10.24.4. Recent Developments
       10.25. Algoworks
           10.25.1. Company Overview
           10.25.2. Financials
           10.25.3. Products
           10.25.4. Recent Developments
*Note - in company profiling, financial details and recent development are subject to availability or might not be covered in case of private companies

  • Market Snapshot
  • Drivers : Impact Analysis
  • Restraints : Impact Analysis
  • List of Raw Material
  • List of Raw Material Manufactures
  • List of Potential Buyers
  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Production, Import, Export and Demand
  • Pre V/S Post COVID-19
  • Estimated Impact Of The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Epidemic
  • COVID-19: Micro and Macro Factor Analysis
  • Analysis by Service  (USD MN)
  • Medical Monitoring Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Nutrition & Fitness Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Diagnostic Treatment Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Other Services Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Analysis Market by Application (USD MN)
  • Nursing Tools Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Drug References Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Study Tools Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Medical Reference Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Clinical Support Systems Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Global Mobile Medical Apps Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • North America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • United State Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Canada Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Mexico Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Europe Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Europe Market Estimate by Country (USD MN)
  • United Kingdom Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • France Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Germany Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Italy Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Russia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Spain Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Europe Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Asia Pacific Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • China Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Japan Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • India Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • South Korea Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Australia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Asia Pacific Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Latin America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Brazil Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Argentina Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Peru Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Chile Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Latin America Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Middle East & Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Saudi Arabia Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • UAE Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Israel Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • South Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Rest of Middle East and Africa Market Analysis (USD MN)
  • Partnership/Collaboration/Agreement
  • Mergers And Acquisiton
  • Research Scope of Mobile Medical Apps Report
  • Market Research Process
  • Market Research Methodology
  • Global Mobile Medical Apps Market Size, by Region (USD MN)
  • Porters Five Forces Analysis
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis by Service
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis by Application
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis by Region
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Global Market Analysis by Service  (USD MN)
  • Medical Monitoring Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Nutrition & Fitness Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Diagnostic Treatment Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Other Services Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Global Market Analysis by Application (USD MN)
  • Nursing Tools Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Drug References Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Study Tools Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Medical Reference Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Clinical Support Systems Market by Geography (USD MN)
  • Global Market by Revenue
  • North America Market by Revenue
  • Europe Market by Revenue
  • Asia Pacific Market by Revenue
  • Latin America Market by Revenue
  • Middle East & Africa Market by Revenue
  • Recent Development in Industry
  • Company Market Share Analysis, 2020
* Kindly note that the above listed are the basic tables and figures of the report and are not limited to the TOC.

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Objectives of Study

  • Define and measure the global market
  • Volume or revenue forecast of the global market and its various sub-segments with respect to main geographies
  • Analyze and identify major market trends along with the factors driving or inhibiting the market growth
  • Study the company profiles of the major market players with their market share
  • Analyze competitive developments

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