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世界的な医療機器の設計と開発サービス市場レポートサービス(設計・エンジニアリング、機械加工、成形、包装)、医療機器別(心血管系装置(補助人工心臓)、完全人工心臓、ペースメーカー、植込み型除細動器 (ICD)、カーディアック ループレコーダー、ホルターモニター、イベントモニター、ECMO システム、消耗品)、POC 診断機器(血糖測定器、血液)アナライザー、血圧モニター、妊娠検査キット、感染症検査)、Hb1Ac検査(凝固検査キット、心臓マーカー検査、甲状腺刺激検査ホルモン検査、その他)、ドラッグデリバリーデバイス (自動注射器、輸液ポンプ、プレフィルド)注射器、吸入器、ネブライザー、点鼻薬、子宮内避妊具 (IUD)、経皮パッチ)、整形外科用デバイス (補綴物、整形外科用ナビゲーション)システム、その他)、歯科用機器、外科用デバイス(手術ロボット、その他)、想像力デバイス (X 線、MRI スキャナー、超音波、CT スキャナー、核イメージング スキャナー)、睡眠および呼吸器(ポジティブ)気道内圧(PAP)装置、人工呼吸器、酸素濃縮器、その他)、眼科用機器(眼底カメラ、細隙灯、光学機器)コヒーレンストモグラフィー、角膜トポグラフィーシステム、その他)、内視鏡検査、糖尿病治療、蝸牛インプラント(バイオニックイヤー、バイオニックアイ)、神経刺激装置 (脊髄刺激装置、深部刺激装置)脳刺激装置、その他)、その他)、作成者治療領域(循環器、診断、その他)、最終用途別(医療機器会社、バイオテクノロジー企業)および地域別- 業界の動向、規模、シェア、成長、推定、予測、2023 ~ 2032 年, 2023-2032

May 2024

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For the year 2023, the Global Market size for Medical Device Design And Development Services Market was valued at USD 14.31 Billion.

The Global Medical Device Design And Development Services Market growth is estimated to be close to 14.09% between 2024 and 2032.

In the Global Medical Device Design And Development Services Market, Asia Pacific holds the largest market share.

The global Medical Device Design And Development Services market is segmented By Services (Designing & Engineering, Machining, Molding, Packaging), By Medical Devices (Cardiovascular Devices (Ventricular Assist Devices, Total Artificial Hearts, Pacemakers, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), Cardiac Loop Recorders, Holter Monitors, Event Monitors, ECMO Systems, Consumables), POC Diagnostic Equipment (Blood Glucose Monitor Blood Analyzer, Blood Pressure Monitor, Pregnancy Test Kit, Infectious Diseases Testing), Hb1Ac Testing (Coagulation Testing Kit, Cardiac Markers Test, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test, Others), Drug Delivery Devices (Autoinjectors, Infusion Pumps, Prefilled Syringes, Inhalers, Nebulizers, Nasal Spray, Intrauterine Devices (IUDs), Transdermal Patches), Orthopedic Devices (Prosthetics, Orthopedic Navigation Systems, Others), Dental Devices, Surgical Devices (Surgical Robots, Others), Imagining Devices (X-Ray, MRI Scanners, Ultrasound, CT Scanners, Nuclear Imaging Scanners), Sleep & Respiratory Devices (Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices, Ventilators, Oxygen Concentrators, Others), Ophthalmology Devices (Fundus Cameras, Slit Lamps, Optical Coherence Tomography, Corneal Topography Systems, Others), Endoscopy, Diabetes Care, Cochlear Implants (Bionic Ear, Bionic Eye), Neurostimulators (Spinal Cord Stimulators, Deep Brain Stimulators, Others), Others), By Therapeutic Area (Cardiovascular, Diagnostic, Others), By End-use (Medical Device Companies, Biotechnology Companies).

The leading players in the global Medical Device Design And Development Services market are Ximedica, DeviceLAb, Jabil Inc., Flex Ltd, Plexus Corp, Nordson Medical, Celestica Inc., Starfish Medical, Planet Innovation, Donatelle, Cambridge Design Partnership, Aran Biomedical, Cirtec.
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Objectives of Study
  • Define and measure the global market
  • Volume or revenue forecast of the global market and its various sub-segments with respect to main geographies
  • Analyze and identify major market trends along with the factors driving or inhibiting the market growth
  • Study the company profiles of the major market players with their market share
  • Analyze competitive developments
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Key questions answered by the report

  • What is the current market size and trends?
  • What will be the market size during the forecast period?
  • How various market factors such as a driver, restraints, and opportunity impact the market?
  • What are the dominating segment and region in the market and why

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