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世界のアークベースプラズマ照明市場光源別レポート(キセノン)アークランプ、メタルハライドランプ、クリプトンアークランプ、水銀蒸気ランプ、重水素ランプ)、ワット数別タイプ(500W以下、501W)W~1500W以上1500 W)、アプリケーション別 (エンターテイメント)および投影(シネマプロジェクター、大型)会場プロジェクター、写真撮影、景観照明、大会場照明)、サーチライト、スポットライト (民間、軍事、土地、航空と滑走路、海上と港湾)、太陽光シミュレーション、環境試験 (自動車、太陽光発電産業、航空)および航空宇宙、換算太陽時間、UV適合性、その他)、分光法(広帯域光)光源、吸光度測定、UV分光法、分光測光法、高速液体クロマトグラフィー (HPLC)超高速液体クロマトグラフィー (UHPLC)、高速タンパク質液体クロマトグラフィー (FPLC))、医療用照明(内視鏡用照明、歯科用照明)および無影灯、識別およびに反応するサンプルを分析するUV)、顕微鏡ライト、UV アプリケーション(オゾン発生、UV硬化)印刷、接着、消毒、表面の殺菌、水処理殺菌と空気浄化)、その他 (レーザーポンピング、積層造形、光イオン化、分析機器、キャピラリー電気泳動、リソグラフィー、品質管理、化学合成、光化学プロセス、DLP、3LCD、LCoSプロジェクター)) 地域別 -業界の動向、規模、シェア、成長、2023 年から 2032 年の推定と予測, 2023-2032

April 2024

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The Global Arc-based Plasma Lighting Market was valued at USD 604.5 MN in 2023.

The Worldwide Arc-based Plasma Lighting Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 2.05% from 2024 to 2032.

Asia Pacific accounts for the largest share of the Global Arc-based Plasma Lighting Market.

The Global Arc-based Plasma Lighting Market is segmented by Light Source (Xenon Arc Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps, Krypton Arc Lamps, Mercury Vapor Lamps, Deuterium Lamps), by Wattage Type (Below 500 W, 501 W to 1500 W, Above 1500 W), by Application (Entertainment & Projection (Cinema Projectors, Large Venue Projectors, Photography, Scenery Lighting, Large Venue Lighting), Searchlight & Spotlight (Civil, Military and Land, Air and Runways, Maritime and Ports), Solar Simulation and Environmental Testing (Automotive, Photovoltaic Industry, Aeronautic & Aerospace, Equivalent Sun Hours, UV-Compatibility, Others), Spectroscopy (Broadband Light Source, Absorptivity Measurements, UV Spectroscopy, Spectrophotometry, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Ultra-High Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC), Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)), Medical Lighting (Endoscopic Lights, Dental and Surgical Lights, Identify and Analyze Samples that responds to UV), Microscopic Lights, UV Applications (Ozone Production, UV Curing in Printing, Adhesive Bonding, Disinfection and Sterilization of Surfaces, Water Treatment & Sterilization and Air Purification), Others (Laser Pumping, Additive Manufacturing, Photolonization, Analytical Instrumentation, Capillary Electrophoresis, Lithography, Quality Control, Chemical Synthesis, Photochemical Processes, DLP,3LCD and LCoS Projectors)).

The leading players in the Global Arc-based Plasma Lighting Market are ams-OSRAM AG (Germany). Signify Holding (Netherlands), Ushio Inc. (Japan), Excelitas Technologies Corp. (US), Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan), Ledvance GmbH (Germany), Newport Corporation (US), Superior Quartz Products, Inc. (US), Amglo Kemiite Laboratories (US).
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Objectives of Study
  • Define and measure the global market
  • Volume or revenue forecast of the global market and its various sub-segments with respect to main geographies
  • Analyze and identify major market trends along with the factors driving or inhibiting the market growth
  • Study the company profiles of the major market players with their market share
  • Analyze competitive developments
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Key questions answered by the report

  • What is the current market size and trends?
  • What will be the market size during the forecast period?
  • How various market factors such as a driver, restraints, and opportunity impact the market?
  • What are the dominating segment and region in the market and why

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