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全球汽车冷却液泵市场按类型报告(机械冷却液泵(电动冷却液泵),由尺寸(全尺寸、中尺寸、紧凑尺寸),按燃料类型(常规燃料、电动、混合动力),按冷却剂类型(水(纯化或去离子)、乙二醇、丙二醇、矿物油、电介质流体、其他),按功率(小于大于 50 W、50-100 W、100-400W,400以上W),按车辆类型(二轮车、三轮车、乘用车(掀背车、轿车、SUV)、轻型商用车辆、重型卡车、公共汽车和客车、越野车(农业拖拉机和设备、建筑和采矿设备)),通过电动汽车类型(电池电动汽车、混合动力/插电式混合动力电动汽车、燃料电池电动汽车),按销售渠道(OEM、售后市场)和按地区- 行业趋势、规模、份额、2023-2032 年增长、估计和预测

June 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this Report

The Global Automotive Coolant Pump Market size was worth USD 2.27 Billion in 2023.

For the years 2024-2032, the Global Automotive Coolant Pump Market growth is expected to be around 4.51%.

The Global Automotive Coolant Pump Market is currently dominated Asia Pacific.

Global Automotive Coolant Pump Market Report is segmented By Type (Mechanical Coolant Pump, Electric Coolant Pump), By Size (Full-size, Mid-size, Compact-size), By Fuel Type (Conventional Fuel, Electric, Hybrid), By Coolant Type (Water (Purified or Deionized), Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Dielectric Fluids, Others), By Power (Less than 50 W, 50-100 W, 100-400 W, More than 400 W), By Vehicle Type (Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles (Hatchback, Sedan, SUVs), Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Duty Trucks, Buses & Coaches, Off-road Vehicles (Agriculture Tractors & Equipment, Construction & Mining Equipment)), By Electric Vehicle Type (Battery Electric Vehicles, Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles), By Sales Channel (OEM, Aftermarket)

The leading players in the global Automotive Coolant Pump market are Aisin Corporation, Cascon Inc., Continental Automotive Japan, Davies Craig, GMB Corporation Japan, John Electric, Mahle Japan Ltd., Osaka Vacuum Ltd., Robert Bosch GmbH, Teral Inc., TBK Co. Ltd., Hanon Systems, KSPG Automotive, Hitachi Astemo Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongke Century Technology Co. Ltd.
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Objectives of Study
  • Define and measure the global market
  • Volume or revenue forecast of the global market and its various sub-segments with respect to main geographies
  • Analyze and identify major market trends along with the factors driving or inhibiting the market growth
  • Study the company profiles of the major market players with their market share
  • Analyze competitive developments
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Key questions answered by the report

  • What is the current market size and trends?
  • What will be the market size during the forecast period?
  • How various market factors such as a driver, restraints, and opportunity impact the market?
  • What are the dominating segment and region in the market and why

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