Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine Market To Expand As Recent Study Suggests Its Potential Role In Providing Protection Against Novel COVID-19

Posted On April 28, 2021     

The best precaution to fight against Coronavirus is to consistently wash hands, and a food with a good nutrition amount. Food is known to be the first and best medicine in this regard. For the same reason, researchers have taken up several studies that explore the advantages of vitamins C and D minerals for making the immune response of a system more robust against Coronavirus. However, there has been no less research on the benefits of vitamin B6 (found in fishes and bananas).

A research team has found that intake of vitamin B6 might be helpful in calming cytokine storms and for unclogging clots linked to Coronavirus’s lethality. They published this paper, hoping that it would be the first step in further research being undertaken by scientists to tap into the potential of the vitamin. This report might boost the Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine Market as the study reveals that the vitamin can act as a protector against chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It does so by suppressing oxidative stress, inflammation, carbonyl stress, and inflammasomes.

Contracting coronavirus and influenza can result in lethal lung injuries and, in some grievous cases, death from acute respiratory distress syndrome. A Cytokine storm is evoked by viral infections and causes increased oxidative stress, neutrophil infiltration, and lung capillary endothelial cell inflammation. It occurs because of the immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking even the healthy cells.

Many believe that cytokine storm and thrombosis might be closely linked to the severe effect of COVID-19. As blood clots linked with the virus might cause blockage of capillaries resulting in damaged hearts, kidneys, lungs, and liver.
Vitamin B6 might be a potential solution in this respect as it is a known anti-inflammation and anti-thrombosis nutrient. Deficiency of this vitamin is not good for health as it is associated with a higher vulnerability to infections and lowers an individual’s immune system. Higher risk of COVID-19 is linked directly with obese and diabetic people. Vitamin B6 is closely linked with the immune system, and its level also drops in such people under chronic inflammation.

 Many scientists have brought forward studies on the role of diets and nutrients as protection from Coronavirus. However, not many have put significance towards the importance of Vitamin B6. The team believes that it is crucial to explore this vitamin and its role in safeguarding individuals from viruses. Researchers hope that after their study, there would be further research taken up by others to determine the vitamin’s protective levels.

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