Telecommunications Market to Revolutionize as Researchers Create a Technology that uses Fast Neutrons to Transmit Data Faster

Posted On December 22, 2021     

For a long time, mobile phone signals and radio waves relied on electromagnetic radiation to communicate. However, as the world's needs rise and the number of people who utilize such services grows, the market must invent technology that allows for even quicker data transfer to fulfil consumer demands.
A novel technique created by a group of engineers might help accomplish this task. They demonstrated that data could be transferred wirelessly wherein digitally encoded information is sent through nuclear radiation. The technology can revolutionize the Telecommunications Market as it does not use conventional technology and uses "fast neutrons" for transmission.
The researchers stated that to create the present technology, they observed the spontaneous emission of fast neutrons from californium-252, a radioactive element produced in nuclear reactors. They then used a detector to analyze the modulated emissions while recording the data on a laptop. Numerous examples of information such as a random number, a word, and an alphabet were selected blindly. Then they were encoded in a sequence in the neutron field's modulation. The team decrypted the output on their laptop after the experiment successfully encoded the information on a screen.
The team also undertook a double-blind test wherein they encoded a number generated from a random number generator. The knowledge of the digit was not given to those uploading it, after which it was transmitted and decoded. The evidence shows that all tests done by the team had 100 percent positive outcomes.
This study showcases the potential that fast neutron radiation has as an intermediator for wireless communications for the benefit of applications that cannot support traditional electromagnetic transmission. This would be an excellent solution, making numerous technologies more feasible while decreasing their inherent limitations.
Researchers also added that fast neutrons are way better than conventional electromagnetic waves as the latter generally gets weakened due to transmission by materials such as metals.
The number of penetrations made through metal structures for communications cabling must be reduced in many safety scenarios. For instance, the integrity of metal vaults, reactor containments, or bulkheads in maritime systems is concerned. If neutrons are used instead for such transactions, then the need for numerous preventions would be reduced. Further, the idea is relevant to conditions where transactions need to be limited, such as emergency rescue operations.
In addition, fast neutrons also can be integrated with mixed-signal electronic systems. There, they can achieve signal mixing by coming between electrons and neutrons. The idea could help improve the integrity of information transfer.

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