Solar Energy Market May Showcase Rapid Growth Due to Breakthrough Inventions

Posted On January 13, 2021     

The total amount of solar energy that reaches the earth in a year is far greater than all the energy that could be produced using non-renewable resources -This has led to the rapid development of the technology that is essential for converting sunlight to electricity. However, the problem with using this resource arises when it comes to its storage and subsequent distribution. These two problems make it difficult for manufacturers to think of it as a solution on a large scale.

A breakthrough has come up in the Solar Energy Market as researchers have developed a new method to harness solar energy. It may eliminate critical obstacles that arise when solar energy is used and may be considered a giant stride towards a clean-energy future.

The researchers stated that solar energy could be harnessed by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of solar electricity. The hydrogen acquired from this process can be stored as fuel. It is stored in a way that can be transported from one area to another and can be used to produce power when required. Oxygen evolution reaction is the catalyst that is used to split water molecules into parts though they are not as efficient as they are needed to be to make the process practical.

To remove this hurdle, a team of researchers has brought forward a process that uses a chemical strategy to produce a new form of catalyst. The catalyst in question uses cobalt and titanium. The benefit of using these two elements is that they are easily acquired and present in copious amounts compared to other commonly used catalysts that use expensive and precious metals such as ruthenium and iridium.

This new method involves creating active catalyst sites at the atomic level upon the exterior of nanocrystals of titanium oxide. This technique results in the production of a durable catalyst material as well as better at activating the oxygen evolution reaction.

It is evident that new approaches are needed to make the oxygen evolution reaction more efficient. The transition towards large scale use of renewable solar energy can only be possible when the fundamental understanding of this reaction is acquired and further enhanced. This research is an accurate example that shows how catalyst efficiency for clean energy technology can be optimized by tuning nanomaterials at the atomic scale. It integrates quantum mechanics theory with advanced material synthesis and atomic level characterization.

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