Soft Robotics Market May Boost With New Innovation Wherein Team Developed a Real- Time Color Changing Robot Chameleon

Posted On September 17, 2021     

In the animal kingdom, numerous species have the ability to change their appearance as a defense mechanism against predators. The animals change their colors to blend into their background, making it difficult for predators to see them. The most popular and common example of the technique is the chameleon, as it can alter the color of its skin to dissuade enemies from following its trail.
In a new effort, researchers have made use of this concept and try to imitate the ability of color changing onto a robot chameleon. The newly developed soft robot chameleon has the ability to change its colors in real-time and make it similar to the background. The robot is a huge advancement for Soft Robotics Market as it would not only be a big addition for military application but could also be involved in fashion and art displays as well.
In order to create this robot, the team built a skin layer made from liquid ink that would change its color once a minimal amount of heat was applied to it. By doing this, particles present within the ink were forced to come together in helical structures that reflected light in particular wavelengths. Different amounts of heat resulted in the creation of different-sized structures, thereby making it possible to display practically any desired color on the robot.
After this, the researchers successfully created another layer comprising of a network of heater strips. Next, the team stretched the skin on a chameleon model which they created. They added color sensors to the belly of the model and circuitry to the insides that enable the robot to crawl forward. Further, the robot was also given additional functions such as use underbelly sensors to recognize colors, comprehend the information received, and then give out signals to the heater network. Furthermore, the team also added some predesigned color patterns to facilitate change in pattern colors and not just in the skin.
The team showcases the robot’s ability upon a panel made of different colored sections where it was able to change its color on demand. In fact, the robot did not just change its color all at once, but it did so slowly and gradually over the colored section as it walked. Its way of changing color was looked as if it was slowly filling up with colored ink. This amazing innovation holds much great potential for Soft Robotics Market as it could be the foundation for different types of soft robots that can do wonderful and unique things.

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