Revolutionary Development in 5G Technology Market: New Research Negates the Possibility of Harmful Effects by 5 G Technology on Human

Posted On September 17, 2021     

Fifth-generation wireless systems are gaining popularity worldwide as they have the ability to meet the increasing demand for wireless connectivity. The new technology has the capacity to exchange increased amounts of data at a much higher speed in contrast to previous 2G to 4G technologies. This is mainly because 5G technology makes use of greater bandwidth available at higher frequencies and also includes MMW (Millimeter-Wave) Band. As 5G expands, it will lead to the wide presence of MMW in the environment. Several online reports and pages of activists suggest that the advent of 5G will have dire consequences on human health, such as cancer, asthma while some even blame the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic upon the technology.
Now, new research has critically and scientifically analyzed the accusation against 5G Technology and states that it is unlikely that any unknown health hazard will evolve due to exposure of humans to the technology. The study would probably have a positive impact on the 5G technology Market, which continues to be a controversial debate for many countries, with activists and newspapers feeding into the public anxiety through misinformation.
In the study, researchers state that tissue heating is considered to be the most harmful effect of RF (Radiofrequency) field exposure. The United States, with various other countries, has already adopted exposure limits. The standards for which were established by recent reports (2019) published by ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) or ICES (IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety). The guidelines mentioned therein are aimed at avoiding harmful exposures through setting up exposure limits far below the threshold at which harm could be caused to human beings. The standards give permission for only low levels of public RF exposure for which the energy is deposited in the manner of thermal heating.

The study addressed the concerns of people in relation to possible health effects of 5G exposure and relayed –

  1. MMW, as compared to lower-frequency fields, does not move beyond the outer layer of human skin, which means that it cannot cause any heating in deeper tissues.

  2. The introduction of 5Gtechnology would not change the overall levels of RF exposure. Similar to the present, even after 5g network towers are put up, most of the exposure will come from “uplink” to one’s own smartphone or other devices.

  3. Most of all publicly accessible locations, RF exposure caused due to cellular base stations will remain small, counting 5G stations. Thus, a fraction of the current limits of exposure is set up by ICNIRP or IEEE.

The research concluded that as long as we make sure to keep the exposure limits below the established guidelines, there will be no harmful effects caused to human beings as reported by activists and several news outlets.

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