Research to Boost Anti-Aging Market with the Potential Benefits of Fish Skin on Wrinkles

Posted On July 22, 2022     

According to numerous studies, fish skins are a plentiful resource with great nutritional qualities. But now, scientists are growing curious about if something typically regarded as a byproduct would have any additional potential benefit.

In this regard, a new study was done on the prolific fish on the Pacific Coast of North America called Pacific whiting. It found that these fishes have gelatin in their skin that may help stop skin wrinkling brought on by UV light. The findings could immensely develop the Anti-Ageing Market as it could help bring more effective products to the industry.

The team aims to alter and lessen the strain on ten species' populations, including salmon and tuna. Their work investigated how marine organisms might enhance human health. They were especially interested in the advantages of marine organism components like fish skin, which many Americans prefer to discard rather than consume.

Researchers studied the molecular processes that, at the cellular level, cause the skin to wrinkle. Chronic exposure to UV radiation, which breaks down collagen in the skin, encourages that wrinkling.

The scientists studied the effects of Pacific whiting fish gelatin on inflammatory and antioxidant responses, as well as pathways that are known to stimulate collagen synthesis and break down collagen.

They discovered that -

  1. The collagen synthesis pathway, inhibited by UV light, has been partially reactivated in the skin of Pacific whiting.

  2. Prevented the UV-accelerated collagen breakdown pathway from activating to a specific point.

  3. Encouraged more antioxidant action. Antioxidants are compounds that can stop or delay cell damage.

  4. Further anti-inflammatory benefits were facilitated.

Researchers emphasised that these are preliminary findings made in the lab using a human cell model system. Animal model research is still required.

Nonetheless, they observed some potential with a favourable response in the cell model system. This provides solid justification for moving forward.

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