Opioid Drug Market to boom as Researchers Create a Device that can Detect and Reverse Opioid Overdose

Posted On April 16, 2022     

"Opioid" refers to substances derived from poppy seeds and others with comparable characteristics. They've been found to interact with opioid receptors in the brain. During the pandemic, the opioid epidemic worsened and has remained a significant public health concern. According to the World Health Organization, over 500,000 people die each year due to drug usage, with opioids accounting for 70% of deaths and overdose accounting for 30%.

Recently, a wearable device that can detect and reverse an opioid overdose has been developed. According to the researchers, the technology can play a transformative role in tackling the global public health issue of opiate overdoses, thus, bringing a positive effect on the Opioid Drug Market. This is because, as incidents of opioid overdose decrease, doctors and patients would be much more comfortable with their prescriptions.

To detect life-threatening breathing patterns that occur with opioid overdoses, the researchers used a subcutaneous auto-injector system and sensors with an algorithm. When the user stops breathing and moving, the wearable gadget detects this and delivers naloxone.

Researchers developed algorithms that run on a wearable injector and automatically administer naloxone when the wearer stops breathing. The team added, if the overdose 'antidote naloxone' is provided on time, opioid poisoning can be reversed.

The wearable auto-injector might be capable of preventing opioid overdose deaths. Researchers are optimistic that it will influence a significant cause of pain.

The gadget was successfully intervened when volunteers displayed indicators of an opiate overdose in clinical testing with volunteers in supervised settings. According to the findings, the device could help people in various phases of opiate overdose escape death by accident. More research is needed on the device's design, its suitability for long-term or unsupervised use, and non-medical opioid users.

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