Nuclear Power Plant and Equipment Market to Experience Growth as New Findings Show that nuclear Power could be a Viable Option for Regions with Lack of Wind and Solar Resources

Posted On April 16, 2022     

Human activity releases carbon pollution into the atmosphere. This disrupts the global carbon cycle and causes global warming, thus leading to changing precipitation patterns. Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change suggests that the humanity must aim to limit global mean temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. The panel suggests that  the carbon emissions must be brought to zero by the middle of the century to meet this target. This can be the only way to avoid catastrophic climate impacts.

Nuclear power generation is expected to play a critical role in assisting the world achieve this vital objective of zero carbon emissions. The suggestions could develop Nuclear Power Plant And Equipment Market as they narrate nuclear power to produce electricity in regions where wind and solar are not viable options.

Studies have shown that scaling up the wind and solar power harvesting installations can lower the carbon emissions by up to 80%. However, to achieve 100 percent curtailment, gaps in supply and demand generated would necessitate enormous infrastructure changes. But there need to be massive increases in energy storage and transmission capacity, as well as energy-generating equipment. The means could be the natural resource variability.

The team investigated the solar and wind resources of 42 countries. They used this knowledge to evaluate nuclear power's ability to offer low-cost energy and replace natural gas as a backup energy source. Findings helped assess the feasibility of nuclear power serving this demand. Their research focused on determining which countries might benefit from investigating nuclear power as an energy option sooner rather than later.

They discovered that nations like the United States have the ideal geographic and climate circumstances for generating enough wind power. Nuclear power plants should not be installed until it is absolutely necessary to overcome the last remaining decarbonization obstacles. However, in nations like Brazil, which have limited wind resources, strategic nuclear power use may help in reaching the zero carbon emissions goal.

Under tight greenhouse gas emission regulations, nuclear power's steady power generation has a lot of potential value in most countries' energy grids. Locations with limited wind resources can benefit from nuclear energy sooner in the path to zero emissions. At the same time, places with abundant wind resources would only require it to eliminate the last traces of pollution.

Based on current costs, the research looked at the most cost-effective strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Researchers discovered that nuclear power is the cheapest solution to eliminate all carbon emissions at today's prices. On the other hand, Wind and solar could potentially be the cheapest road to a zero-emission electricity grid if energy storage technologies become very cheap.

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