New Development in Probiotic Dietary Supplement Market: A Study shows Majority of Cancer Patients take Dietary Supplements

Posted On April 16, 2022     

Cancer is a condition wherein some cells get out of control and spread to other body parts. It can begin practically anywhere in the billions of cells that make up the human body. The illness is stressful for both victims and their loved ones, owing to poor therapies that are hard for the patient to undergo.

According to new research, many people living with and after cancer utilize nutritional supplements, typically in the hope of lowering their risk of cancer recurrence. The findings highlight the need for health care practitioners to provide patients with information and clarification on the proper use of dietary supplements. The study may also impact the Probiotic Dietary Supplement Market. It shows the need for better regulations in the sector and consultation requirements from diet experts before any supplements are taken.

Dietary supplements are usually not recommended in cancer prevention guidelines. This is because relevant clinical trials have largely failed to establish a benefit — and in some cases have indicated risk — linked with the items.

The researchers in the present study looked at 1,049 individuals in the United Kingdom who had been diagnosed with colorectal, prostate, or breast cancer. They wanted to investigate factors that were linked to supplement use.

The team discovered that one out of every five persons who had been treated for cancer believed that taking vitamins or other supplements would help them lower the likelihood of their disease returning. Supplements were also three times more likely to be used by individuals who believed they helped reduce their risk of cancer recurrence.

The number of people living with or who have survived cancer keeps rising. This brings us to a new reality where a more holistic approach to long-term health care is needed. There is a dire need for more information about the role of supplements. Further, people need to be informed about the lack of evidence on the statement that they reduce cancer recurrence. Such corroborations would be highly beneficial and should be followed by discussions about the health benefits of healthy eating and physical activity.

The researchers stated that there's no evidence that taking unprescribed supplements can prevent cancer from coming back. Some vitamins or minerals could even interfere with how well cancer drugs work. Hence, any cancer patient must first discuss it with their doctor, specialist nurse, or dietitian before incorporating dietary supplements into their life.

Supplement regulations and availability in the United Kingdom vary from those in the United States and other nations. Therefore, additional studies involving dietary supplements used by cancer survivors living in different regions are also required to understand the scenario better.

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