New Development in Next-Generation Batteries Market: Researchers Create an All-Organic Polymer Battery with better Energy Storage Abilities

Posted On April 16, 2022     

Fully organic rechargeable household batteries are an excellent substitute for typical metal-based batteries. Especially in terms of decreasing pollution to landfills and the environment.

Recently, a research group has started developing an all-organic polymer battery with a cell voltage of 2.8V. The research is a great contribution to Next-Generation Batteries Market as it is a significant step forward in enhancing the energy storage capability of organic batteries.

The team began with modest household batteries. Thus, they already know that organic redox-active materials are common electroactive alternatives due to their inherent safety, lightweight and structure-tunable properties. Most importantly, their sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Researchers added that they used new organic electrode materials and structure design. In this way, they hope to create a fully biodegradable battery with a cell voltage of more than 3.0V and a capacity of more than 200mAh/g.

The traditional lithium-ion batteries have enabled the proliferation of portable devices and even electric vehicles. However, rising demand for materials such as lithium, cobalt, and other mineral ore resources has resulted in a variety of social and environmental consequences, including the safe use and disposal of batteries.

A viable solution is to create rechargeable batteries from ethically sourced, renewable materials for on-demand needs. The present work highlights the promise of producing high-voltage, totally organic batteries with judicious electrode design to contribute towards recycling in a circular economy with affordable and efficient batteries. The capacity needs to be improved further.

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