New Development in EV Battery Market: Researchers Create novel Rubber-based Lithium-Ion Batteries

Posted On February 07, 2022     

EVs (Electric vehicles) have much potential in today's world. However, they require long-lasting, safe, and cost-effective batteries that do not explode or harm the environment to become mainstream.

In this regard, rubber-based lithium-ion batteries may be a promising alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries. This new approach could even revolutionize the EV Battery Market as it has incredible characteristics including, electrochemical stability, high ionic conductivity, and improved mechanical features. These have all been finally achieved as a result of this unusual structure.

Synthetic rubbers or elastomers are widely employed in consumer products and advanced technology such as wearable electronics and soft robots. They are prevalent due to their exceptional mechanical qualities. When they changed the material's structure to 3D, the team added that it gained the ability to serve as a superhighway for quick lithium-ion transport with greater mechanical robustness. Thus, resulting in longer charging batteries that can go further.

A liquid electrolyte moves ions in traditional lithium-ion batteries. However, the battery is inherently unstable: even minor damage can cause electrolyte leakage, resulting in an explosion or fire. Because of the safety concerns, the industry has turned to solid-state batteries, which can be produced from inorganic ceramics or organic polymers.

This rubber electrolyte may be manufactured with a simple polymerization method at low temperatures, resulting in durable and smooth electrode surface contacts. The rubber electrolytes' unique properties inhibit lithium dendrite formation and allow for quicker ion movement, enabling solid-state batteries to operate reliably even at room temperature.

Ionic conductivity is defined as the ability to move more ions simultaneously. Rubber has been utilized in various applications due to its strong mechanical qualities. Further, it also facilitated the team to create less expensive batteries, more reliable and safer.

In addition, it can boost the EV's mileage by increasing the specific energy and energy density of these batteries.

Researchers are now looking into increasing battery performance by boosting cycle time and decreasing charging time through improved ionic conductivity. Their research has resulted in a two-fold increase in battery performance/cycle time.

All-solid-state batteries have the potential to improve the range and safety of electric cars significantly. According to fast-growing battery companies like SK Innovation, commercializing all-solid-state batteries will be a game-changer in the electric car market. Due to the ongoing study, there are high hopes for the speedy deployment and commercialization of all-solid-state batteries.

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