Mystery behind distinctive Aussie Spider's Unique Silk Resolved

Posted On October 29, 2020     

The collaboration between Australian nuclear science and technology organization with the University of Bayreuth and the University of Melbourne is liable to draw a lot of attention.

A new kind of silk is produced by the very unfamiliar Australian basket-web spider, which uses it to construct a lobster pot web to trap prey and protect its eggs.  It is found only in Australia in the world. The basket-web spider weaves silk that is uniquely rigid and so robust that the basket-web doesn’t require help from surrounding vegetation to sustain its structure. This new type of silk holds on to its firmness, allowing a somewhat beautiful silken basket. As per the recent study, the dimensional stability of a spider foraging web is attained by a synergistic array of silk fiber. The silk used to build the basket web is like the silk that numerous spider species use to film around their eggs to protect them from the elements and enemies.

This discovery may provide an understanding of the evolution of foraging webs. It is extensively thought that silk foraging webs, including the magnificent orb-webs, came from the practice of producing silk for protecting egg cases. Perhaps the basket-web is a protective egg case extension representing a rare existing example of an evolutionary ancestral process.

Its basket is about 11mm in diameter and 14 mm deep. It has cross-linked threads of different diameters. The silk's nature was exposed by the Australian Synchrotron, a national facility of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization in southeast Melbourne.

The rigidity of the silk came from the synergistic arrangement of submicron fibers and microfibers. It has a complicated structure that, resembles industrially produced composites.

Additional investigations have shown that they are chemically different components and their respective properties together result in the thread’s extreme elasticity and toughness. Therefore creates a high degree of toughness.
While more efforts are required to understand the silk's molecular details, there is considerable interest in a new genetic material produced in a scalable manner.

The appealing characteristic is the high lateral stiffness and gluing substances, which may be utilized in several applications. In general, the basket web and its silk properties emphasize the significance of investigating incomprehensible and unfamiliar species.

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