Major Advancement In-Vehicle Infotainment Market: New Infotainment Screens That Display Ads From Passing Billboards

Posted On June 01, 2021     

Billboards, in today’s times, are a popular means of providing information and thereby attracting consumers. However, the major problem with billboards is that, at most times, they do not include essential information such as phone numbers, website URLs, email if, etc. This information could help potential customers learn more about the advertised product or location and further reach the person in charge. To solve the issue of billboards, a new approach has been developed that is to use moving vehicles to showcase advertisements.

A car manufacturing company has brought on a new development in this regard. It has revealed a new program that will draw information from billboard ads that a Ford car would be driving. The information would then be displayed in segments on the vehicle’s infotainment display so that any driver can easily view it. This is a groundbreaking development for In-Vehicle Infotainment Market as it could probably attracts drivers towards different products such as food offered nearby or apparel at a local clothing store etc.

The Ford Motor Company has declared that it would soon pass the patent of such technology. It is set to provide data on the infotainment display, highlighting segments with this data, helping drivers easily engage with and get something from surrounding advertisements.

Furthermore, this advancement would be quite beneficial for the company as well. For example, it could collaborate with different advertising establishments or put up billboards to assist with the training of the new system. This would enable the technology to recognize better upcoming advertisements from billboards through which the car passes. For instance, a Ford vehicle passing through a McDonald’s billboard showcasing Big Mac, and then, the infotainment screen will offer them ad based on McDonald's.

There are several problems with this technology. Down the line, the technology would eventually be upgraded towards not giving the users a choice to watch an ad or not, resulting in nuisance and may result in grave privacy violations. However, the Amazon Kindle e-reader provides discounts due to advertisements on the lock screen. Similarly, Ford vehicles could also adopt that strategy and come with a lofty discount if infotainment ads become non-optional. On the downside, consumers who do not want to be forced to watch ads for every billboard they pass could end up paying more for the car.

Regardless, the new technology is enormous progress for the infotainment market. It is a unique and novel way of providing information to the consumers and engaging with them while doing something as simple as driving. This will also reduce the chances of people ignoring or missing the ads while passing through them.

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