K2 Vitamin Market to Experience Boost with New Study that Shows K2 Vitamin Therapy might be Beneficial Against Cardiovascular Risk

Posted On August 13, 2021     

Smoking is an addictive activity that not only affects the life of smokers in a negative way but also the people who come in contact with them. Now, a study has found proof of the bad effects the activity might impose on people. The new research looked into the effects of nicotine on the initiation of VSMC (Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell) calcification. The study demonstrated that smokers might experience an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it also negatively impacts the possibility of cardiovascular diseases as it also increases oxidative stress, thus ensuring rapid vascular calcification. The findings of the study may boost the K2 Vitamin Market as it also shows that the vitamin, while being a well-known cofactor in vitamin K-dependent protein’s activation, it is also potentially an effective antioxidant that can help in the reduction of oxidative stress.
The objective here was to better understand the mechanisms of nicotine-induced VSMC calcification and further examine whether vitamin K2 could be an effective therapy against it. The team evaluated vascular calcification of carotid lesions of both smokers and non-smokers through ex vivo micro-computed-tomography (µCT)-scanning in order to confirm the Atherosclerotic burden. They discovered that microcalcifications in smokers were 17-fold higher when compared to non-smokers.
Nicotine’s pro-calcifying effects of nicotine were facilitated by the Ca2+-dependent Nox5, which is free radical producing. SiRNA break-down of Nox5 inhibited nicotine-induced EV calcification and release. Moreover, the findings also found Nox5 to be present in higher expression inside carotid arteries of smokers and were correlated with calcification levels within these vessels. At last, using vitamin K2 as a pre-treatment for VCMCs reduced calcification, nicotine-induced intracellular oxidative stress, and EV secretion.
It is also important that the study shows nicotine to be the primary agent present in both e-cigarettes and cigarettes. Also, adding to the previous suggestions, researchers stated that vaping might not actually be a healthier choice in terms of vascular health.
The team has invested a huge time and research in order to build an evidence-backed study in order to convince regulator bodies in the world, the importance of vitamin K2 in terms of global human health. The new addition of evidence with the new study only furthers the already pursued argument that K2 vitamin can be potentially amazing cardiovascular therapy not only beneficial for healthy patients but also ones with unhealthy habits such as nicotine users.

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