Exciting Development in Augmented Reality Market: A Newly Created Technology may Aid Astronauts to Inspect and Maintain their Scientific and Exercise Machines while in Space

Posted On September 17, 2021     

Augmented Reality or AR presents users with a unique experience where designers can enhance some aspects of their physical world through computer-generated input. The input involves different sounds, videos, graphics, GPS overlays, etc., in digital form that responds in real-time and changes the user's environment.
Now a unique innovation has been introduced in the sector with T2AR (T2 Augmented Reality). NASA's project demonstrates how crew members can investigate and maintain scientific and exercise equipment without needing any interference from the ground teams. The technology will help crew maintain their health and accomplish research goals with no delay being caused due to slow communication from the Earth. Further, the development is also a considerable contribution to the Augmented Reality Market as it brings forth a new application in the sector for the technology.
T2AR is the first-in space system that includes HoloLens and custom-built AR software, thereby facilitating astronauts to take on unassisted maintenance and inspection of all critical equipment involved in crew support hardware. The team stated that the present research is founded upon the experiments done by Scott Kelly, former NASA astronaut, in 2016.

NASA is looking forward to exploring the moon, around 240,000 miles away, and eventually, Mars, 245 million miles away. Thus, it needs to create tools that will empower astronauts to be more autonomous while operating their spacecraft or systems. This is because there will be longer delays from Earth once the crew sets on the far-away journey to the moon and mars.
The first-of-its-kind demonstration used 3D direction cues and directed the astronauts to work on proper worksites mentioned in the instructions. Further, the device also follows the astronaut's verbal commands and navigates procedures, text, and AR cues upon the hardware as per the procedure being undertaken. In addition, the system also provides supplemental information such as system overlays and instructional videos to better assist in the performance of the procedure.
The system, for now, is still restricted to the critical T2 Treadmill, the platform created for use across several space stations to achieve enhanced crew efficiency and execution of proper procedures. Moreover, if the technology is used on the space station, it could also aid crew members on their journey to the moon and mars. This will enable them to conduct tasks without looking for directions from the Earth, thus eliminating communication delays.
AR tools have great potential and might facilitate pre-packaged guidance and expertise in the near future. The space station is an excellent way to test the usability of AR systems and better refine the tools to make them ready for future demands.

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