Encryption Software Market to Experience Growth as a Team Unveils an Security System that could Provide Protection against Quantum Computers

Posted On April 16, 2022     

It's logical to believe that an encrypted email cannot be seen by prying eyes. Unless the individual is the intended recipient, they will have to solve the mathematical problem that's nearly impossible for a computer to solve. Especially in a reasonable amount of time to break through most of the encryption systems we use daily. However, if quantum computing becomes a reality, some challenges will no longer be complex. These new computer paradigms are already becoming a reality and may soon be deployable. Hackers are already preparing by storing encrypted transactions in the hope of deciphering the information later.

A Research group has unveiled a security system resistant to quantum attacks. The new Symmetric Key Distribution protocol (SPoTKD) is an excellent contribution to Encryption Software Market as it does not require lasers, satellites, or miles of new cable. It is based on tiny microchips embedded with even smaller clocks that operate without the use of batteries. Furthermore, it is also less expensive, more convenient, and scalable without the need for costly additional hardware.

The clocks on the device are electrons. They appear to magically transfer themselves between two spots on the device via quantum tunnelling; the "time" refers to the electrons' mobility. The original state of the chips is also saved on a computer server when they are manufactured.

If someone wants to establish a secure channel, they take note of the time on a subset of the clocks. Thereafter they send it to the server, which may use its knowledge of the beginning state to identify what time the clocks read when they were sent. The server informs the person of the times, and if they are correct, a secure communication channel is established.

The electrons' quantum nature adds more protection layers; if they are measured, the clock collapses. It will vanish forever, and neither a spy nor the recipient will be able to access the information.

Because of the features of quantum tunnelling, these systems can also power themselves for extended periods with the slightest initial energy input. Another security advantage of the SPoTKD is that it is not powered by external energy.

SPoTKD could eventually be used to ensure that medical documents are destroyed after being read by a doctor or to enforce time limitations on software licences. They can protect vote records, validate NFTs, or ensure that no one is reading your email.

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