Breakthrough In Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Market: New technology Captures Co2 with 19% less Expenditure

Posted On April 28, 2021     

Methods developed for carbon capture are quite diverse in nature. Their distinctness has a relatively wide range with methods like aqueous amines (water-rich solvents that run by the commercially available capture units) at one side and energy-efficient membranes (filter CO2 from flue gas produced by power plants) on the other.

The atmospheric level of Co2 is increasingly becoming a threat to the world. It has been noted to be higher in recent years than it has been in the last 800,000 years. As a new record, the levels hit 409.8 parts a million in the year 2019. The main cause for the release of this gas is human activities such as fossil fuel combustion. This has resulted in atmospheric concentrations of today to exceed pre-industrial levels by 47%.

To solve this problem, a group of chemists has introduced a method that would not be able to seize Co2. It decreases the costs of doing so by 19% in comparison with other commercial technologies available today. This is a massive breakthrough for the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Market. The new technology can accomplish the same task done by its commercial counterparts with 17% less energy. It surpasses the barriers that were inherent in other carbon capture methods, making them unusable for industrial production. On top of all these benefits, it can also be easily applied to capture systems that already exist.

The solvent is being referred to as EEMPA. The team described the properties that help it sidestepping the energetically expensive demands related to the conventional solvents. EEMPA has several exciting qualities, like for instance, it can capture Co2 without high water content, denoting that it is water lean. Moreover, it is also much less vicious than other solvents that are considered to be water-lean.

EEMPA has the ability to absorb C02 from power plant flue gas and can then release it as pure Co2 for a mere expenditure of $ 47.10 per metric ton. In comparison, commercial technologies of similar nature can do a similar act at about $ 58.30 per metric ton of Co2. Furthermore, EEMPA also offers the option of additional technology for power plant operators to capture Co2.

The solvents produced by the team before this were all vicious like honey. However, they achieved the desired objective with EEMPA as it flows like water from the kettle. It has been stated that this new solvent is 99% less vicious than other water-lean formulations, making it at par with commercial opponents. Thus, the solvent can be very useful and utilized in existing infrastructure made largely from plastic, further decreasing the equipment cost.

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