Bio Banking Market to Expand With New Futuristic Genetic Biobank That Could Prevent Death from SIDS

Posted On September 17, 2021     

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is an unexpected, abrupt, and hard to explain death of a baby that was apparently healthy. Even the use of clinical investigations into the matter, including autopsy, doesn’t help reach any conclusion or indicates the reason for the sudden death. Several reports have suggested that in Australia alone, 130 babies succumb to death due to SIDS every year. There is a dire requirement for research on this disease so that precious little lives of newborns can be saved and looked after in a better way.

A new state-of-art genetic biobank could be the ray of light against fighting SIDS and could be the key to prevent it, thus potentially saving hundreds of babies who die from this horrifying condition each year. The invention is nothing short of revolutionary for BioBanking Market as it could not only help babies fight SIDS but also provide unparalleled impossible opportunities to explore and investigate genetic factors that would have resulted in SIDS. Thus, it could also help medical personnel employ techniques and practices that would deter babies from contracting SIDS in the first place.
The research team revealed that the biobank consists of DNA taken from 25 babies who lost their lives to SIDS in South Australia. The new technology would be the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, while only a few have existed in the whole world till now. The team stated that their novel biobank would facilitate analysis of DNA from SIDS babies so that genetic causes of SIDS can be better understood, and once they are found, it would be easier to test babies at birth to see if they are at risk from the syndrome. If there is any risk, then such babies can be closely monitored in the first year of their life.
Furthermore, the ground shattering research will lead to the identification of mechanisms resulting in SIDS-related death so that future research and development can help avoid them. Babies are precious, and their sudden death causes devastation to the whole family. The research objective is to help such babies and families from going through heartbreak and depressions because of SIDS.

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