Avocado Market To Progress As Study Shows Its Gastrointestinal Benefits Encouraging High Consumption

Posted On February 03, 2021     

Avocado (also called alligator pear) is a large berry fruit that contains a single large seed. It is obtained from Avocado trees, which find their origin in South Central Mexico. It is common knowledge that eating this fruit daily can cause drastic improvements in an individual’s overall gut health. There have been various studies done by researchers in the past that have tried to link avocado consumption with weight loss as well.

Bringing a positive effect to the Avocado Market, recent research has proved that avocado consumption at least a meal per day leads to the existence of healthful microbes in the intestine and stomach. The fruit is easy to incorporate in sweet and savory dishes. With the high health benefits, people can come up with a host of new ways to incorporate this fruit in their meals.

In the recent study, the team tested whether the fat and fiber present in avocados have any positive effect on gut microbial. They also explored the connection between gut microbes and health outcomes.

Eating avocados makes one feel full and lessens blood cholesterol concentration; however, no one knows how it influences gut microbes and metabolites produced by microbes.

The team studied 163 participants between the age group from 25 years of age to 45 years. To understand the effect that daily avocado consumption will have, on individuals suffering from obesity who are otherwise in good health.

The participants were separated into two groups. In a 12-week period, one group was asked to eat avocado in one meal per day while the other group ate the same meal without the fruit. During the study, all the participants provided blood, fecal, and urine samples. They also reported the quantity of prescribed meals they ate and turned in the complete list of products they consumed.

Researchers concluded that consuming avocado one meal per day leads to sound health effects. They noted that the group assigned to eat avocados excreted slightly more fat in their stool than another group. Greater fat excretions mean that the group absorbed less energy from the food they ate.

The study also showed that avocados are high in fiber and, as a result, good for digestive health. This can be seen through a reduction in bile acids. Bile acid is the molecule secreted by the human body to allow the absorption of fat. The researchers acknowledged that the amount of bile acid in the stool of the avocado group was lower.

 Hence, even though the public already knew the dietary benefits of avocados, this study brings forward their digestive benefits and is beneficial for such individuals who are looking to balance their gastrointestinal health.

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