Anti-Aging Drugs Market to develop with a Study demonstrating that a Protein might help Reverse Cellular Aging

Posted On September 17, 2021     

A person's body loses its ability to divide and increase muscle cells as they grow older. Several factors even result in its decline, such as physical activity, sleep and dietary habits, nutrition, general health, etc. However, it is no secret that everyone wishes to have the body they had when they were younger. Thus, the concept of anti-aging products and drugs has gained popularity through the years as it promises individuals precisely that.
Recently, a research team has made more advancements in the field by proving that a protein called 'NANOG' affects aging within skeletal muscle cells. The protein is named after the mythical lad of youth in Irish Folklore. The study can boost the Anti-Aging Drugs Market as it demonstrates the ability to reverse cellular aging in the body. Further, the change can occur without the need to reprogram cells to an embryonic pluripotent state. Such a process is usually used in stem cell therapy, but since it involves the risk of tumorigenesis, people are advised against using it.
Through several experiments, researchers overexpressed NANOG in myoblasts. Myoblasts are the embryonic precursors of muscle tissues. In the study, myoblasts used were senescent, denoting they can no longer divide in themselves and grow. The overexpression resulted in improving some of the primary characteristics related to age-related deterioration of cells. The features involved energy homeostasis, nuclear integrity, autophagy, genomic stability and mitochondrial function.
The most noteworthy aspect about NANOG is that it showed an increase in the number of muscles cells within muscles of prematurely aging mice. The team added that their work was primarily based on understanding the mechanisms of NANOG's action. They hoped to discover targets that can be drugged within metabolic or signaling networks to mimic the anti-aging effects similar to NANOG.
The work is highly relevant to the anti-aging market and might even be the key to new treatments and therapies that would facilitate the reversal of cellular senescence. Thus, the study could benefit people suffering from age-related disorders and improve their quality of life by bringing possible treatments in their grasp.

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